Welcome To The Cape Cod Divers Club!

Diving in the waters of the Cape is an amazing experience. Whether you dive for the sites and sounds or if you dive for sustinance, Cape Cod has a lot to offer. I wanted to put together a group of divers who enjoy the experince of Cape Cod diving, be it in Salt or Fresh Water.

We have lost many a dive shop here on Cape Cod over the years, so this site is also a helpful guide to find where you can get your tanks filled on cape, where you can purchase gear, and just a soundboard for one and all to share a voice.

Hopefully in the future, we can put together trips to off cape locations to enhance your diving experinces.

What's the Latest News??

Wanna see some photos from diving on Cape Cod?


Summer of 2017 - A perspective between 60 and 70 feet down