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Well the Cape Cod waters are finally warming up. A true sign of it is the Lobster boats are out in full force and so are the Great White Sharks! Numerous sighting over the last week or so. In the Bay, Out in the open Atlantic Ocean, they appear to be EVERYWHERE!


Another diver - an 80 year old male - died, while diving, off of Provincetown. Details vary, but it sure appears that he was a solo diver with a safety person in a 16 foot boat.

Member Andi is taking some amazing photos, both in the Bay and in the open water. Hope to post some soon for all to enjoy.


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Also, of note: we checked into the insurance costs for filling your tanks with the compressor and it was so expensive that we cannot make it happen at this point in time. Stay tuned for any updates.


With the news that Sea Sports in Hyannis no longer will be filling tanks, 3 Cape Cod Divers have grabbed the proverbial bulls by the horns and have, hopefully set up a solution. They have purchased a top notch Bauer Compressor from a dive shop that closed, just outside of Utica New York. Very soon (check here for updates) they will be up and running and able to provide fills for your scuba tanks. Sea Sports has stated that they are willing to be a drop off & pickup point for your tank fills,

Very excited about this big news and thrilled that these three divers have taken the initiative to make sure that Divers on Cape Cod will still be served.

They also bought the inventory of the store and will be selling it off on Ebay and locally. Check the Ebay ID of "Binman" for current items listed. There are Brand New Atomic and Tusa Regulators, Pelican Lights, Pinnacle Wetsuits, Boots, Gloves, & Hoods, Oceanic & Tusa BCD's, Atomic Split Fins, Snorkels, & Masks, Tusa Masks and Snorkels, Gear Keeper Retractors, & MORE!! If you have a need, drop us an email through this site and we can see if we can help you out!


2017 News - Putting together a December trip to the Island of Bonaire!!

Members of the Cape Cod Divers Club are putting together a trip in December to the island of Bonaire. Member Steve B. has been going there and staying at Captain Don's Habitat for the last few years. It is phenominal diving. The house reef is alive and vibrant. The shore diving is available 24/7! Many sites have very easy access and all of the sites have amazing life! Want to be a part of the 2017 excursion? Contact Steve B. at for info. Trip is set for Saturday, December 2 to Saturday December 16. Stay one week or two! Some of the best diving in the world!

September 2017

Hatchet job article in the Cape Cod Times:

The Cape Cod Times recently printed a FRONT PAGE article, stating that diving on Cape Cod is dead. The author, Madeleine List, says it is all because of Great White Sharks. Our reply is SERIOUS? Are you Kidding me? Nothing could be farther from the truth. This author did limited research for her article (I never received an inquiry :) ) and her presumptions were way off base. to read this rediculous article click here.

Dive shops have closed but it isn't because of Great White Sharks, it's because of undercutting online retailers like Leisure Pro,, and the like. They have made it so that all a local dive shop is is a fitting room. Customers go to dive shops to try items on and then go home and order them online, never giving local retailers a chance to match prices. Nobody maintains equipment any more, which is VERY dangerous. Got a chance to look at the equipment of a diver who passed away on a dive. His regulator was way out of tune, making breathing through it like breathing through a garden hose. His BCD wouldn't inflate because his reg setup didn't have a connecting hose. Amazing.

Read the article and let me know what you think. email me at :



Reviews of recent members trips



Summer of 2017 - A perspective between 60 and 70 feet down